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What is a licensure/certification disclosure?

A disclosure is defined by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as the release of information to prospective and current students about their ability to participate in an University of Utah academic program as well as their ability to obtain licensure or certification in their field of study post-graduation, if applicable (CFR §668.50).

Federal regulation, outlined in the CFR, as well as our State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) requires the University of Utah to provide disclosures to students interested or enrolled in programs "potentially leading to Professional Licensure or related to post-licensure educational activities" (SARA Manual v. 19.2 §5.2).

What does a disclosure look like?

The CFR requires two types of diclosures: Public and Individualized (CFR §668.50).

Public, Make-Available Disclosures

This type of disclosure must include:

  • Whether the U is authorized to provide the program in a student's state of residence
  • The consequences of changing state of residence during completion of a program
  • Process for submitting consumer complaints
  • Refund policies

This type of disclosure may be delivered:

  • On any public-facing University website that does not require authentication

Individualized, Direct Disclosures

This type of disclosure must include:

  • Whether a program does or does not meet the licensure or certification prerequisites in the state of a student's residence
  • Any determination by the U if a program ceases to meet licensure or certification prerequisites of a state

This type of disclosure must be delivered:

  • Individually, directly, and in writing
  • Prior to a prospective student's enrollment (or within 14 days of determining that a program ceases to meet licensure/certification prerequisites)

Does our program need to provide a disclosure?

Answer the following questions:

  • Are practicing professionals in your field professionally licensed or certified?
  • Is professional licensure or certification either mandatory or optional to practice in your field?

If you answered "YES" to either of the questions above, your program should provide a licensure/certification disclosure!

Curriculum Administration is responsible for providing the Public, Make Available Disclosures but we need help from your program to craft the Individualized, Direct Disclosures about licensure/certification in your field!

We are asking each program to work with our office to craft licensure/certification disclosures for each state and territory.

Where should our program start?

If your program is unsure where to start, please use the template below:

Successful completion of <NAME OF PROGRAM>meets / is not intended to meet / does not meet the educational requirements to obtain licensure / certification as a <TYPE OF PROFESSION> in the state of Utah.

Contact information for the national / regional / state licensing board(s) for <TYPE OF PROFESSION> can be found on the <NAME OF AGENCY> website.

Once completing a disclosure for the state of Utah, we can begin researching the licensure/certification requirements in each of the United States and its territories and crafting disclosures for prospective and current students in each of those states/territories.

Curriculum Administration is prepared to help with the research process! Please contact us at any time to request for support.

Banner image courtesy of the University of Utah.

Last Updated: 1/23/20