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Physical Presence Triggers

While there is no single standard for what it means to "operate" or engage in "educational activities" within a state, many states (not all) determine the need for authorization based on physical presence. All states define physical presence differently, requiring the University of Utah to evaluate our activities on a program-by-program basis for each state in which we operate.

Physical presence can be triggered by any residential, campus-based program (even if there is no online delivery of classes). Common physical presence "triggers" that would require the University to seek authorization in another state include:

  • Offering distance education courses that include field experiences (internships, externships, clinical practicum, medical rotations, and other times of field placements). Please see the Out-of-State Field Placements and Professional Licensure pages for additional requirements that may affect your program's placement decisions.

  • Advertising in local media or specifically targeting residents of a state in marketing campaigns.

  • Employing faculty, staff, or other university employees who are reside outside of Utah.

  • Housing administrative or instructional spaces outside of Utah.

  • Requiring students to take proctored exams.

  • Recruiting students at job fairs, conferences, and other events.

If your program or department engages in any out-of-state educational activities (such as those listed above), please contact us to determine if any authorizations are required before you begin.

Contact State Authorization
(801) 587-7843

Last Updated: 8/23/22