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Faculty and Staff

  • State Authorization applies to any University activity that occurs outside of Utah, and can include things departments already do on a regular basis, such as recruiting, advertising or marketing, or including a field experience in their program of study. Even requiring students to take a proctored exam while outside of Utah can require the University to seek authorization in some states.
  • State Authorization regulations apply to all out-of-state University activity, regardless of whether a program is available online.
  • Regulations on out-of-state activities can vary widely from state to state, and from program to program. While some states require any activity conducted by out-of-state institutions to seek authorization first, many states apply conditional rules, known as "physical presence triggers."
  • As with most state authorization issues, these triggers are dependent on the type of program, duration of activity, state of residence for the student, and other factors that must be evaluated individually to determine whether authorization will be required.
  • The resources below are intended to provide departments and faculty with basic information regarding our authorization status (including approved, exempted, or triggering activities and programs) in other states and should be used as a guideline. Please contact the state authorization coordinator in advance of any activities to verify our authorization status. Regulations and requirements can change quickly--the state authorization coordinator can provide you with the most current information.


Contact State Authorization
(801) 587-7843

Last Updated: 8/23/22