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Student Information

For students who reside outside of Utah and are interested in an online or distance-education program with the University of Utah, we have provided a map to assist with questions regarding our authorization status in their home state.

  • As we gain authorization or exemption (green), this site will be updated to reflect these changes. Restrictions, if any, are noted for each state.
  • Due to differences in each state’s distance education regulations, the University of Utah may have to meet additional requirements or seek authorization in certain states (grey) before we can enroll residents in our distance-based or online programs.
  • If you live in a state where the University of Utah is not currently authorized, please contact our state authorization coordinator or the advisor for your intended program. Whenever possible, we will seek authorization and programmatic approval rather than deny a student application to our programs based on their state of residence.

Contact State Authorization
(801) 587-7843

Last Updated: 8/29/22