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What is SARA?

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (known as SARA) brings together member states, districts, territories and participating institutions in a voluntary agreement allowing for institutions to offer interstate programs and educational activities without having to seek individual, state-by-state authorizations. Member states agree to adhere to a common set of standards for delivering distance education programs, as well as to allow participating institutions in other states to engage in educational activities without requiring them to submit additional information, applications, or fees.

SARA was created to streamline the state authorization process for participating institutions and member states with the intent of making it easier for students to take advantage of online courses and distance education opportunities offered by their institution of choice.

Once Utah has become a member state, information regarding the University of Utah's institutional participation will be posted here. Until that time, the state authorization map is the best source of information regarding our current authorization status by state.

Departments, staff, or students should contact the state authorization coordinator prior to enrollment or field placement if they have any questions.

Additional Information

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NC-SARA Homepage

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Last Updated: 8/23/22