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Licensed Professions Disclosures

Message to prospective students interested in nursing, social work, clinical psychology or other academic programs that lead to professional licensure:

If you reside outside of Utah and are interested in completing an online or distance-education program with the University of Utah that leads to a professional license in your home state, in it is imperative that you understand the regulations and requirements for your home state PRIOR to enrolling in any academic program. At this time, the vast majority of professional programs that can be completed via distance education are post-licensure programs, which means that students must already hold the necessary license in their field prior to enrolling in the program (ex: RN-BS in Nursing, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, etc.).

Whenever possible, the University of Utah will provide students information regarding whether our curriculum aligns with the requirements of your state licensing body. However, we highly recommend that you contact the appropriate licensing boards for your intended profession and the University of Utah department advisor BEFORE you begin a program. If you experience any difficulty finding the licensure requirements for your state, please contact your program advisor or state authorization coordinator for help.

Contact State Authorization
(801) 587-7843

Last Updated: 8/23/22